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Find services and products promoting baby massage techniques that will bring health and happiness to your baby.

Ah-- the joys of having a baby!

What's frustrating though is that along with your "little bundle" come uninvited side effects like aching lower backs, hips, legs, migraines, swollen feet & lets not forget about the throwing up.

What if I told you there was a massage therapy exactly for women who are pregnant that is intended to eliminate some of the discomfort related with pregnancy and even facilitate their labor and delivery?

Expecting moms don't comprehend that their system is now not only holding them up...but it's also carrying their unborn child too. This extra weight can have serious consequences on your body.

A professional prenatal massage therapist can direct those muscles that have been stressed to relieve some of the tension and strain associated with carrying a child.

This stress reducing technique can go along way when you are coping with the flood of emotions and hormones that come with your pregnancy.

Studies show that just 20 minutes of pre-natal massage twice a week for five weeks:

a) Diminishes stress hormones in your body,
b) Regulates mood swings
c) Assists to promote better sleep
d) Reduce your anxiety and back pain.

But that's only a few of the benefits...these studies report that expecting moms who received regular massages during their pregnancy:

· Experienced lower rates of premature birth,
· Fewer obstetrical complications,
· Babies had fewer of postnatal complications.

What Are The benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy To A Pregnant Mom And Unborn Child?
The latest research show that they prenatal massage may:

a) Alleviate the worried anxiousness and despair that go hand in hand with the hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy.
b) Relieve stress on lower back, pelvis, and ankles, which are not in the habit to carrying a baby
c) Get rid of back, shoulder neck pain caused by your muscles being out of balance.
d) Lessen back, shoulder neck pain caused by your muscles being out of balance.
e) Improve your blood and lymph circulation, which in turn helps to lessen swelling and improves the baby's oxygen supply.
f) Unwind muscle knots that cause cramping, tightening, and stiffness.
g) Lessen your aches and pain and at the same time encourage relaxation, which can actually speed up your labor
h) Improve muscle and skin tone
i) Help you sleep more soundly so you don't have to toss and turn all night

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